Increase your productivity by a factor of three. Write prose that participants report is clearer, simpler, better organized, and more reader-centered. Learn to work smarter, not harder.

Many scholars are educated as writers at the School of Hard Knocks, but itís not the only school, or even the best. Much is known about how to become more prolific–and any scholar can. Even when you canít work harder, there are important ways to work smarter.

Every scholar can become more prolific and these steps will show you how.

Manage Time



Get Help

Polish and Publish

Participants bring a rough draft of their own writing and learn a technique for getting meaningful feedback from others. Participants can receive ongoing feedback by joining the writing circles that are established. The workshop helps scholars flourish; the writing circles help build a community of scholars.

The workshop is based on a book, Publish & Flourish, and on articles, including one published in To Improve the Academy 2000 (19:268–284).

What Participants Say

“Your methods changed my writing life. For the four years before the workshop, I wrote or revised 44 pages a year, but in the four years after, I wrote or revised 220 pages per year--five times as much!”
 University of Texas-El Paso
“I have adopted the 15 minute model along with other suggestions from Tara Gray. It has been about two weeks and I have hammered out a publication for submission and started the next one.”
 University of Texas-El Paso
“I decided to try these steps on a paper I had been trying to put together for five years. Four weeks later, the paper is out for review.”
 New Mexico State University
“You ignited a passion and a fire under me. Ever since your workshop, I have been working furiously.”
 Texas Woman’s University
“Awesome! If I put one-quarter of what you said to use, it will increase my productivity exponentially!”
 University of Texas-El Paso
“The best workshop I have attended in 24 years of university teaching. It will result in measurable and real-world change.”
 Texas Woman’s University
“Your openness about your own struggles as a writer and how you solicit and use response is absolutely inspiring.”
 New Mexico State University
“In all honesty, you probably have provided me with all the tools I need to get tenure and even a full professorship.”
 University of Georgia

Workshop Formats

The workshop can be presented in 2, 3, or 4 hours and can be repeated twice in one day. In all the workshops, the steps are the same, however:

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