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7 Ways to Engage Your Students

Did you know that engaging students by interjecting an activity into lecture, an activity that requires as little as seven minutes of class time, has been shown to double learning? In a meta-study of 225 studies, interjecting a short activity into a lecture doubled learning.


Indeed, engaging students in our lectures is the key to giving extraordinary lectures. Come participate as the research is explained and several of the best ways of engaging students are modeled. 


When you leave the workshop, you will be motivated and prepared to interject one or two activities into your lectures, lasting at least seven minutes total.


What Participants Say


If you can attend only one workshop on teaching, make it this one.


Tara knows her stuff. She not only teaches you the theory and empirical research, she demonstrates each method.


Tara covered the gamut of pedagogical methods in just two hours and the time flew by.


7 Ways to Engage Your Students


  1. Use gentle cold-calling

  2. Quiz daily

  3. Work with clickers or “colored cards”

  4. Clear out the cobwebs

  5. Assign one-minute papers

  6. Use write-pair-share

  7. Learn to love them.

Fee Schedule


The domestic and international fee for 7 Ways to Engage Your Students is US$2,000.

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