12 Ways to
Manage Your Time

Educators are pulled in many directions at once, facing publication deadlines, online teaching, committee obligations, and that ever-growing list of unanswered emails.


In all of this clutter of activity, we might begin to wonder, are we making the best use of our time? Clearly, we need to develop strategies and concrete practices to open up some “space” in our lives, in which we can reflect, consider the long term, and function more productively in our daily lives.


At the end of this two-part workshop, participants will be able to strategically plan what they do and do what they plan—and get in control of their time and their lives.



Work on the Most Important Tasks

  1. Write your mission statement.

  2. Write SMART goals.

  3. Differentiate the urgent from the important.

  4. Put first things first.

  5. Make a weekly rank-ordered “to do” list.

  6. Make a weekly work plan.


Work Efficiently on Tasks

  7. Wrestle your email to the ground.

  8. Work on big tasks in small increments.


Work Less Hard on Less Important Tasks

  9. Tone down your perfectionism.

10.  Procrastinate consciously.


Do Not Work on Certain Less Important Tasks

11.  Delegate: Do only that which only you can do.

12.  Just say, “No.”



About Coaching


This is a two-part workshop with optional small group coaching. Because the coaching takes place a week or two after the workshops, it gives participants time to apply the steps to their weekly workflow and share their discoveries with two other participants and the workshop leader(s). These powerful coaching sessions provide accountability and the structure and momentum to help plans become permanent.



What Participants Say

“Instantly life-changing.”

“I can now stop wishing there were 36 hours in a day.”

“Go. Cross out two hours from your day because long term it will save you exponentially.”


“I have three very specific and exciting things I will be doing to revolutionize my personal and professional life.”

Guest Workshop Co-Leader


Brian Hampton serves as a tenured professor in the Department of Geological Sciences at New Mexico State University. He teaches and mentors graduate- and undergraduate- student research projects. Brian has published 25 manuscripts and has received several college-level awards for teaching. To date, he has graduated 20 students from his lab, all of whom have gone on to careers in the geological sciences.

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International Fee Schedule

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For international workshops or domestic workshops without TAA co-sponsorship, the fee for 12 Steps to Manage Your Time is US$3,000 plus the fee for optional coaching ($225/hour for up to three participants and one-two leaders).

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