Ten Ways to

Manage Your Time

Educators are pulled in many directions at once, facing publication deadlines, piles of student papers, committee obligations, and that ever-growing list of unanswered emails. In all of this clutter of activity, we might begin to wonder, are we making the best use of our time? Clearly, we need to develop strategies and concrete practices to open up some “space” in our lives, in which we can reflect, consider the long term, and function more productively in our daily lives.


Here are ten ways to manage your time:


Work on the Most Important Tasks


1. Write your personal and professional missions.

2. Write goals and align them with your missions.

3. Align behavior with goals.

4. Make a rank-ordered “to do” list—in the workshop and every week.


Work More Efficiently


5. Wrestle your email to the ground.

6. Work on big tasks in small increments.


Work Less Hard on Lesser Tasks


7. Tone down your perfectionism.

8. Procrastinate consciously.


Do Not Work on Certain Lesser Tasks


9. Delegate: Do only that which only you can do.

10. Just say, “No.”


What Participants Say


“I can now stop wishing there were 36 hours in a day.”


“Go. Cross out two hours from your day because long term it will save you exponentially.”


“I have three very specific and exciting things I will be doing to revolutionize my personal and professional life.”


Virtual Workshop Format


This virtual workshop is 90 minutes long.

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